Commercial Roofing Contractors

CCommercial Roofing Contractor Sandyhoosing a commercial roofing contractor is a decision that will directly impact the amount of protection that your building will have from harsh winter weather. It will also impact the length of time before you will have to purchase and replace your roof once again. Your best option is to arm yourself with the facts about roofing materials best suited for Sandy Utah weather so you can get it right the first time. While replacing a roof can be a daunting process, with a qualified commercial roofing contractor, the process goes much smoother.

Why To Go With US?

The first step in choosing a commercial roofing contractor is to evaluate their expertise at replacing roofs in cities with similar weather conditions. If you are choosing a local commercial roofing contractor, then this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are choosing a company new to the area, you will want to ask them some specific questions to make sure that they are qualified to replace your roof.

Repairing commercial roofing in Sandy poses several challenges that other parts of the country do not experience. In Sandy Utah, commercial roofing needs to be waterproof, protect against the cold during the winter, while keeping cool air trapped inside during the summer months.

Your roof is one of the most important features of your business, so making sure that it is replaced properly should be your number one priority. You want to make sure that the commercial roofing contractor that you hire is up to speed with all of the city’s building codes. Sandy City building codes stipulate that all commercial buildings that need a roof replacement must obtain a permit.

Sandy Utah Commercial Roofing

Far West Roofing, Inc. offers Duro Last and Carlisle TPO and EPDM rubber roofing products to provide flexible commercial roofing options and the highest levels of waterproofing, durability and energy efficiency. Infinity Roofing installs these commercial roofing industry leading flat roofing products at prices competitive with any Sandy commercial roofing contractors offering the same level of service and warranty.  Factory Certified with all products allowing us to offer top warranties! All of our roofing foremen have at least 10 years of roofing experience and extensive training, which means you’re not just getting a roofer, you’re getting an expert.

Check out the new Sandy commercial roofing website from Far West roofing, your best source for the highest quality industrial and flat roof repair, installation, and waterproofing services in the greater Salt Lake area

TPO Roofing Sandy Utah

TPO roofing systems are among the fastest growing commercial roofing products, especially in recent years as their cost has lowered to be competitive with EPDM systems. This roofing system is constructed out of a combination of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene to create a unique and durable roof. One of the major advantages of TPO roofing products is white coloration which does not have the heat absorption of black rooftops and makes for lower cooling costs.

TPO products come in wide sheets and easy to install seams which helps reduce installation costs, compared to EPDM Roofing which has more steps in the installation process. This type of roofing is also popular for “green” buildings as it doesn’t contain plasticizers. The durability and overall cost effectiveness of TPO commercial roofing products is excellent and even resists UV radiation damage. Contact Far west Roofing, Inc. of Salt Lake today to learn more about the best values on TPO roofing from any Sandy commercial roofing contractor.

EPDM Rubber Roofing Sandy Utah

The traditional leader among flat commercial roofing products, EPDM is a weatherproof, economical solution to your commercial roofing needs. This type of roofing is constructed of a synthetic rubber compound, making it extremely durable and resistant to UV radiation. EPDM roofing is versatile and long-lasting, even in the harsh Wisconsin elements. While the black coloration of EPDM rubber can lead to higher cooling costs compared to TPO roofing, in Sandy the costs are much less than in Southern states.

Call Far West Roofing, Inc. today @ 801-253-7799 to learn about the advantages of each of our commercial roofing products, and get the best value on commercial roofing in Sandy.



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